Holli Jenkins - Chandler
Director at Reed Resource Center


I have great pleasure in being Director of The W.B. Reed Resource Center. The W.B. Reed Resource Center is a milestone for the Noxubee County School District, for now we are able to  educate ALL of our children. The law states that ALL children are entitled to a free, quality education. With the opening of this resource center, WE CAN educate our children . . . With the Alternative School, WE CAN educate our children who are unable to function in the general population of students, and with the GED Program, WE CAN prevent high school students from dropping out.  This is our fourth year in existence, and we are excited. Remember, “Collaboration is Key to Success”.


The mission of the Resource Center Alternative School Program is to support and assist all Noxubee County Schools with the education of those students who are unsuccessful in a traditional school setting.


The principal, faculty, and staff shall return each student to his/her home school with the skills necessary to be successful in a traditional school environment.